Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evolve502?

Evolve502 is a public-private partnership working to help thousands of students pursue the dream of a postsecondary education, ensuring that every child in Louisville is prepared for college, career, and a successful, productive life. Evolve502 provides comprehensive supports to ensure every Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) student receives what they need to be successful, removing barriers presented by poverty. It is our goal to provide a promise scholarship, giving students hope that college can be for all.

What will be covered by the Evolve502 Promise Scholarship?

The Evolve502 scholarship will pay the difference between a student’s tuition and fees and what they receive in federal and state financial aid. In addition, an opportunity grant in the amount of $1,000 per semester will be made available for students with an annual household income of $40,000 or below to help defer other expenses of attending college (i.e. books, housing and other fees).

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Any student who attends JCPS from at least 9th grade and graduates from a JCPS high school is eligible for the scholarship. Students earning a GED within 12 months of their original high school graduation date are also eligible. Students enrolled in military service prior to their high school graduation date can defer their eligibility until the end of their military service.

How much will this cost and who will pay for it?

Evolve502 is embarking on a $45 million comprehensive fundraising campaign to provide the promise scholarship to 13 classes of JCPS students. Evolve502 is seeking investments from individuals, foundations and corporations to make the promise scholarship a reality for all JCPS students.

How can I help?

Contribute, advocate and volunteer - help Evolve502 transform the lives of our citizens and the vitality of our city by your investment in education. Contact us at (502) 292-6222 to learn more.